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Konnichiwa! Welcome to my LJ everyone!
Most people know me as WindyNight or WN via the Internet, and I'll keep my real name as a secret. =P I'm a 22 years old girl living in Canada. Regardless, I was originally born in Shanghai, China. So basically, I'm half Canadian and half Chinese, but I can speak fluent English, Chinese (Mandarin) and Shanghai Dialect; conversational Japanese, and somewhat French, German & Korean. I have recently graduated from university (2014 June) and have started a new chapter of my life by being a full time worker in society. <3 I was introduced to LJ by people from the AN forum long ago (RIP), which is the first forum I've ever joined. I have been hiatus from LJ for 2-3 years, and now that I'm somewhat back, I would like to mainly use LJ as a travel blog. Random life rants will be posted on twitter & the like, and I will not be accepting any friend requests.Thankies! ^^


- Anime -
Animes still take a big part of my life and I started watching some of them like "Pokemon", "Slam Dunk" ever since young. I find them very interesting, and even if 2 storylines are similar, they still differ from each other in their own special way. Some of my favourite Animes have to be...
~Full Moon wo Sagashite (Thanks to CY, my partner from AN and RyuX, and his touching Full Moon AMV..^^)
~AnoHana <3
~Fruits Basket (Thanks to FB fans from AN forum, especially to Ciara and a few others)
~Gundam SEED/Destiny (Thanks to Gundam fans from AN forum)
~Mentantei Conan
~Kiniro no Corda
~KimiKiss Pure Rouge
~Nagi no AsuKara
~Sword Art Online
~Digimon Series (Thanks to one of my real life friends)
~Pokemon Series (Mostly 'cause of Haruka/May x Shuu/Drew pairing)
To keep track of the animes I'm currently watching, what I have watched, etc, I have a Myanimelist account under the username "WindyNight".

- Manga -
Aside from Anime, I enjoy Manga as well, though I don't spend as as much time reading.

- Music -
Oh yes, I haven't mentioned music, have I? Well, music also takes up a big part of my life.
Truthfully, I prefer Asian music (C-pop, J-pop & K-pop) over Western music due to my Asian blood..Nevertheless, I still like some Western artists.
~Dong Bang Shin Ki/TVXQ (Korean/Jap.) [Thankies, Ciara!] <333 It's been years already, yet I still have difficulty getting over the fact that the original group of 5 broke up due to some company-wide quarrel. Although I remain supporting each and every one of them, in my heart, DBSK always remains a team of five (5)
~Super Junior/Super Junior M/Super Junior Happy (Korean/Chinese)<333
~SNSD (Korean/Jap) My favourite member, Jessica, recently were forced to quit the group due to another wave of company-wide quarrel. *sigh, what can I say?
~SS501 (Korean/Jap.) [Thanks again, Ciara!] <333
~T.M. Revolution (Jap.)
~BoA (Jap./Korean)
~Rie Tanaka (Jap.)
~Changin' My Life (Jap.)
~Koji Wada (Jap.)
~Yellow Generation
~Delta Goodrem
~Super Junior M

- hanging out with friends
- watching Chinese/Korean dramas; NBA; twitch streams
- taking care of my most beloved puppy dog <3
- shopping (mostly online)
- watching reality TV shows(Dancing with the Stars, Bachelor, etc.)
- reading novels (I get glued to the book if it's really good), though I have not read for awhile
- Social Media (FB, twitter, etc)
- taking photos
- traveling <3
- learning new languages
- learning musical instruments (keyboard/electric guitar)
- playing squash/badminton/tennis
- watching Olympics, soccer and basketball games on TV
- meeting new people and friends

What I Love?
- friends (Yes, I value friendship very much)
- families (ditto)
- Wally (my dog)
- money
- love/relationship (haha)
- travel
- vacation
- Asian food
- Internet
- music
- freedom
- pretty clothing
- cute stuff
- writing
- ETC.


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So this is basically my biography. Thanks for reading! ^_^

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